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Concord Naval Weapons Station


The Concord Redevelopment Plan is a vision that adheres to the goals of the Concord Reuse Project while enhancing the environmental, economic and social features of the community’s vision. These add up to the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art, livable community that incorporates the high tech market forces at a scale unmatched in the Bay Area.


Community Character is reinforced by truly walkable neighborhoods that connect seamlessly to open space, civic destinations, shopping and transit opportunities.

Housing Diversity and Opportunity is supported by a broad range of product types and income levels delivered in each phase.

Stewardship and Sustainability are programmed from the buildings through the full community, to provide integrated human and ecological benefits.

Balanced Development is enhanced as the urban footprint is reduced in proportion to open space and a jobs/housing balance is targeted.

Envision a flourishing new community, one that welcomes a broad mix of families and incomes. This is a place with a more relaxed pace of life. The neighborhood school will deliver a world-class education, in an environment that is healthy and safe. It is a mixed-use community with a strong identity, where opportunity abounds for play and for connecting with nature. It is enhanced with new technologies that will allow it to adapt in ways we have yet to imagine, simplifying lives and enhancing connections.

The first phase of the community is comprised of:

·   500 Acres

·   4,400 New Homes

·   1.7 Million SF of Office, Retail and R&D

·   79 Acres of Parks and Open Space

·   2 Community Centers

·   1 K-8 Elementary School

Through this vision it will set a new standard by which other communities will be measured.