Denver Nuggets temporarily shut down facility

As the NFL continues to monitor developments in other sports, the NFL may soon need to sit down.

The NBA hopes to finish its 2019-20 season with a bubble approach in Orlando. One of the 22 teams that made the cut has had to temporarily slam the doors on their facilities.

Adrian Wojnarowski of reports that the Denver Nuggets (owned by Rams owner Stan Kroenke) closed their facility on Saturday, after members of the group that will be heading to Orlando tested positive for the coronavirus. The facility, per Wojnarowski, could open again later this week.

This is just another example of the issues that the NFL will be confronting, soon. The league has had the benefit of time, given when the virus first emerged in America. Whether the league has made proper use of that head start via careful, proactive, deliberate planning or whether the league will simply move like a silver sphere in multi-ball mode and pray to avoid tilting the machine remains to be seen.